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Jack’s Maytag Kitchen Appliances Best Sellers

Are you looking for the best kitchen appliances in town? This list showcases our best seller from our store and the perfect appliance that you need.

You can consider one of your large investments is buying your kitchen appliances. But buying one can be a difficult task since there are too many options. There are too many articles on the internet about this topic.

Features, performance, and style are some of the factors for choosing the right appliance for you, You need to conduct thorough research to determine the right brand for you, Being energy efficient is also a good quality of kitchen appliances since it affects our planet

Having the right kitchen appliances can complement and enhance your not just your cooking but also your design and aesthetics

But here at Jack’s Maytag Kitchen Appliances, we are going to tell you what the differences are between each kitchen appliance. So you can know what to look for in your appliances. 

Beverage Centers

The beverage center can help lessen the load of your main refrigerator. This kitchen appliance is designed to store both cold drinks like beer and wine. You can say that it offers the best of both worlds because of its dual-zone temperature control. It is not recommended to store wine for a long time inside a beverage center since it doesn’t have a humidifier. 

There are different sizes of the beverage centers and here are their differences: 

Small unit – can hold 50 to 60 cans. 

Mid-sized unit – can hold 80 cans.

Large unit – can hold 150 cans.

Here is the best seller for our beverage center: 

KitchenAid – KUBL204ESB Beverage Center 

  • Classically inspired design 
  • UV-protected thermal glass door
  • Automatic interior LED lighting
  • Wood-front racks
  • You can choose between built-in or freestanding installation  
  • Over-temperature alarm 


This is the most common kitchen appliance that you can find. It is also known as the ‘hob’. You can find cooktops or stovetops in every kitchen in the world. It is used for applying heat to the base of different pans and pots to cook the dish. Cooktops are often connected to an oven but you can also use this kitchen appliance alone. 

Here is the best seller for our cooktops: 

JennAir JEC3430BB Electric Cooktop

  • European style barrel knobs
  • Elegant beveled edge
  • Black glass design 
  • Oven compatible
  • Hot surface indicators 


This appliance is one of the most convenient kitchen appliances there is. It made the lives of all the dishwashers easy. This appliance can be operated as easy as 1, 2, and 3. You just need to put your detergent and your dishes inside the dishwasher and it automatically cleans your dishes with the use of water pressure and detergent.  

Here is the best seller for our dishwashers: 

Amana ADB1100AWW Built-In Tall Dishwasher 

  • A triple filter wash system 
  • Large tub capacity 
  • High-temperature wash option
  • Push-button controls
  • Sleek design


Freezers are usually used for storing different types of cuts of meat or anything that can spoil easily. Some people also use the freezer for making ice. Many freezers have different designs and sizes but it has the same function which is to preserve food. The temperature of the freezer is usually −23 to −18 °C. 

Here is the best seller for our freezers: 

Amana – AQC0501DRW Chest Freezer 

  • Deepfreeze technology
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Swinging top door 
  • Energy saver

Hood blowers

Hood blowers are a very important part of a hood system. It helps the air move through the fume hood. Hood blowers come in different sizes that can match your fume hood.

Here is the best seller for our hood blowers:

Kenmore S9700972 Range Hood Blower

  • Ventilation for the whole perimeter
  • Task lights with LED 
  • Fan control with 3-speed
  • Removable and dishwasher safe grease filter

Ice machines

Ice machines can make more ice than your regular freezers. It is a stand-alone appliance for making ice. By pouring water into a mold and leaving it inside the machine until it turns solid is the easiest way to explain how the machine works.

Here is the best seller for our ice machines

KitchenAid – KUID308ESS Freestanding Ice Machine 

  • You can choose between built-in or freestanding installation  
  • Classically inspired design 
  • Clear ice technology
  • Max ice technology 
  • integrated Filter

Microwave ovens

Using high-frequency electromagnetic waves or microwaves helps cook your food. It helps raise the temperature of your food by exposing it to microwaves for a certain amount of time. That’s why your food heats up fast when you’re using the microwave.

Here is the best seller for our microwave oven: 

Amana YAMV1160VAW Over-the-Range Microwave Oven

  • Lockout feature
  • Microwave turntable
  • Auto defrost control option 
  • 10 Power Levels
  • 1,000 Watts Cooking Power

Outdoor ventilation

The main purpose of outdoor ventilation is to remove different types of moisture and smell out of the kitchen. It also helps your health by reducing fumes caused by smoke. 

Here is the best seller for our outdoor ventilation: 

SAILFLO 6 Inch Window Exhaust Fan

  • Can create a large airflow 
  • Can perform exhaust In reverse 
  • Durable
  • Protection from overheat 
  • Easy to install 


Ranges are not different from cooktops. The only difference is that ranges can contain an oven beneath it that can be used for baking. 

Here is the best seller for our ranges 

Amana YACR3230BCW Freestanding Electric Range

  • Quick boil burner option
  • Flexible five-element cooktop
  • Chemical-free, odor-free, and fast light oven. 
  • Can preheat 
  • Self-clean options 


Also known as a fridge or an icebox, this kitchen appliance is designed to hold different types of foods and drinks in it. You can also put produce in it to keep it fresh. The inside of the fridge has a temperature range of 4-5 degrees celsius to keep the food and drinks from freezing.

Here is the best seller for our refrigerators: 

Amana ABB1921BRM Dual Refrigerator

  • Versatile storage option
  • Glass shelves with spill savers 
  • Drawers specifically for produce
  • Adjustable door bins
  • Water gallon door storage

Trash compactors

You can now say goodbye to your trash duty easily with the trash compactor. This tool allows you to get rid of your trash easily by making it small and manageable pieces. Using a trash compactor can be easy and it can help you reduce the impact of your waste on landfills. 

Here is the best seller for our trash compactors: 

KitchenAid KTTS505EPA Built-in Trash Compactor

  • Motor with ⅓ horsepower
  • Classically inspired design 
  • Odor management system

Indoor ventilation

Just like the outdoor ventilation system, it can help you to remove different types of moisture and smell out of the kitchen. It also helps your health by reducing fumes caused by smoke. 

Here is the best seller for our indoor ventilation: 

KitchenAid KVWB406DSS ventilation range hood

  • Ventilation for the perimeter 
  • Task lights with LED 
  • Fan with 3-speed control
  • Removable and dishwasher safe grease filter

Wall ovens

Wall oven uses fans to help raise the heat and help it distribute heat. There are different types of wall ovens like electric and gas. This appliance is good enough to handle cooking large foods like pizza or pie. It can be said that a wall oven is attractive because of its unique design and aesthetic. 

Here is the best seller for our wall ovens: 

JennAir JBS7524BS single wall oven

  • 9 different cooking modes
  • 4.8 Inch LCD glass-touch controls 
  • Steam Mode
  • Steam Reheat Mode

Warming drawers

Often used in different events by catering companies, warming drawers can help to keep your food at a constant temperature. Warming drawers help food to retain its deliciousness until the right time. The right temperature for warming drawers should be around 60 degrees Celsius or warmer. 

Here is the best seller for our warming drawers:

JennAir JWD3027ES 27 inches warming drawers

  • Two racks 
  • Moist and dry sections
  • Stainless steel interior drawer
  • Removable drawer
  • Temperature management with sensor

Wine coolers

You don’t need a wine cellar to serve your guest a perfectly chilled wine. You just need to have a wine cooler inside your home.  It does not only store and chills wine. It also protects the taste of your wine by creating a stable temperature that refrigerators can’t do. 

Here is the best seller for our wine coolers: 

KitchenAid KUWR304ESS Wine Cooler

  • Can hold 37-48 bottles of wine
  • UV-Protected thermal glass door
  • Auto light Interior LED Lighting
  • Touchscreen controls
  • You can choose between built-in or freestanding installation  

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Kitchen Appliances

Before choosing your new kitchen appliances here are some quick tips to help you decide your appliance choice. 

  • Layout and Measurements
  • Budget
  • Function
  • Style

Thank you for reading this article about our best seller, we hope to see you soon inside our store. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to browse our contact us page to know more about Jack’s Maytag Appliance Center.