Laundry Machines

Your Perfect Laundry Machine Guide 

If you are looking for the perfect laundry help, you definitely should buy a laundry machine. But buying a laundry machine can be difficult, there are different factors to consider when buying a one. 


There are different sorts of shapes, sizes, features, and capabilities for a laundry machine. You must pick the right laundry machine for you since it is a big investment and repairing it can be difficult. 


In today’s market, there are a lot of laundry machines out there. From washers with built-in dryers or dual units with two washers, it’s really difficult to choose the perfect laundry machine for you. 


That’s why we’re going to show you some of our best selling Jack’s Maytag Laundry Machine to learn more about it. 


Laundry Pairs 

Sometimes buying a single washing machine is not enough for everyone since they also need the dryer. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore since the need for two machines is removed by a laundry pair machine.  


It provides a front-load washer and dryer machine in a single unit. There are a lot of laundry pair machines in the market, these kinds of machines are perfect for everyone who wants their laundry in one sitting. 



  • Saves space 
  • Can be used separately 
  • Energy efficient  
  • Has the same power as a stand-alone washer and dryer. 


Here is our best seller for our laundry pairs: 

Maytag MVWX655DW YMEDX6STBW Laundry Pair 

Key features

Capacity: 5.0 cu ft

Cycle options: 11

Material: Stainless steel tub 

Maximum spin speed: 770 rpm


Dryers can help you dry your clothes after washing them. Either you’ll hand wash it or use a washer, the dryer can help you dry your clothes. Some dryers these days have a lot of features like steam cycles that can help unwrinkle and remove odors from your clothes. 


LED screens, Wi-FI connectivity, and more are available on some dryers. But the most important thing that you should consider when buying a dryer is electric or gas since it needs to have the perfect connection to work.



  • Dry your clothes anytime
  • Save time and effort
  • Easier clothes to iron 
  • Goodby weather forecast 


Here is our best seller for our dryers: 

Amana NGD5800DW gas dryer

Key features

Capacity: 7.3 cu ft

Cycles options: 5

Material: Stainless steel tub 

Other: Stackable with washer or dryer

Laundry Centers

If you live in a smaller home, then laundry centers are the perfect kind of laundry machine for you. The dryer is stacked on top of a washer to save space. It doesn’t have much power or capacity unlike a normal laundry pair but it has the perfect size for minimal living.



  • Compact design 
  • Available for both gas and electric connections
  • Classic design. 


Here is our best seller for our laundry center: 

Whirlpool WGT4027EW laundry center

Key features

Capacity: 2.5g cu ft

Cycle options: 4 

Material: Porcelain and power-coat 

Other: 2 spic speed 



Are you tired of handwashing or going to the laundromat to wash bulk clothes? Then washers are for you. You can wash comforters or large bed sheets since the different sizes of washers can hold huge amounts of clothes from 4.2 cubic feet to 6 cubic feet of space. 


There are two types of the washer: the front load washer and the top load washer. There are no differences between the two besides the loading mechanism. Other kinds of washers in today’s market sometimes feature Wi-Fi connectivity or touchscreen technology to appeal to the younger generation. 



  • Energy Efficient
  • Has more power than laundry centers and laundry pairs
  • Can hold more load than other kinds of laundry machines


Here is our best seller for our washers: 

Amana NTW4705EW top-loading washer

Key features

  • Capacity: 3.5 cu ft
  • Cycle options: 9 
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Maximum spin speed:  700 rpm


Tips for when buying a laundry machine

It’s hard to stop for a laundry machine. You can’t tell any difference from one washer to another. Even when buying online machines is difficult. You need to know some tips before buying your washer since it is a big investment. 


That’s why we listed some tips you should know about buying a laundry machine and here they are: 

The newest model is not always a good choice

Many people say that going to the newest model is great because of the technology with it. But it is not like that. Newer and older models have the same features as long as they have a 3 to 5-year span. 


They have the same standard water and energy and have the same capacity while having different prices. You just need to look around stores to find them. 

Don’t be tempted by cheap prices


Don’t be afraid to spend a lot of money when buying a laundry machine since cheaper laundry models have defects after being used for a long time, and they’re pretty noisy too. 


You need to spend a little money on buying a laundry machine so it can give you top-notch cleaning. Defects on a laundry machine can cost you most since you need to pay for the maintenance and repair now and then. 


Exclusive isn’t so exclusive

Mark Allwood Consumer Report’s market analyst and columnist said that exclusive models are not so exclusive since manufacturers only do minor tweaks or add a cycle. 


Don’t get caught in that kind of scheme since retailers are in-charge of pricing the product, not the manufacturer. Looking for the perfect laundry machine for your use is enough since you won’t need that extra spin cycle. 


There are different colors

You always thought that laundry machines can ruin the motif of your house since it only comes in white. Manufacturers these days continue to add different colors to their lineup to appeal to more audiences. 


Many appliance stores only have white for the color. Try asking around or look at the manufacturers’ website if they carry that kind of color to order it. 

Extra budget

You need to prepare for an extra budget when buying a laundry machine since there are other costs for buying them. Installation, delivery, maintenance, and additional electricity bill are some of the expenses that you need to look out for. 


Before buying a laundry machine you need to look at your financial capability and ask if you’re ready to buy your appliances. 

The bigger the better

If you are doing big loads of laundry, you need to choose a bigger machine to accommodate your clothes. 2 or 3 inches difference in the depth is a big factor since it can hold larger loads and can be water efficient. 


Having a big laundry machine also means that you need to prepare a big space for it at your house. You need to plan carefully where you are going to place your machine. 

Convenience is the key

When buying your laundry machine you must always think about your convenience. You need to make sure that you can load your laundry and detergent easily.


It doesn’t have to be a touch screen as long as you can control your washing machine. You need to ask the salesperson to know what is the perfect laundry machine for you. 

Proper maintenance of laundry machine

Taking care of your laundry machine is one of the most important things when buying your appliance. It can cost you more if you break your appliance. That’s why here Jack’s Maytag Appliance Store listed down some of the maintenance you need to know. 

Water filter inlets should be replaced or cleaned 

Dirty and clogged water filter inlets can cause you high water bills since it can affect the flow of the water quality that goes inside the machine. 

Clean and remove the dirt inside the drum

A build-up of soap and dirt inside the drum of the laundry machine can cause your machine to release a foul odor. It should be cleaned out annually to prevent it from happening. 

Check inlet and outlet hose

You need to properly check the water inlets of your machine to prevent leaks that can cause the loss of water and can lead to a higher water bill. Checking your water inlet hoses every month is enough to help you prevent that from happening. 

Always check the belts

You need to look for cracks, splits, or damage on the belts of your machine twice a year. A broken belt can result in damage to your machine. 

Wipe down the gasket

After usage, it’s necessary to wipe down the gasket between the doors and the drum of the machine before water build-up inside it. Water build-up can lead to damage to your machine. You can also leave your machine open to let it overnight. 

Always clear our lint filters 

Cleaning and clearing out the lint filters of your machine after every use can help your machine to work properly next time. It can also prevent your machine from overheating and potential fires.