Jack’s Maytag Home Appliance Centre: What appliances are fit for small spaces

Moving out or having new appliances at your home takes a lot of work. There is a lot to consider such as your budget, the layout of your place, and the amount of space that you can allocate for the appliances. 

Although it may seem a lot, it is exciting to be given the chance to design your house on your terms. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about that alone. We’ve rounded up a list of the different appliances that you need which is fit for small spaces. Check them all out! 

Small refrigerator 

A refrigerator is one of the most essential appliances that you need at home. It doesn’t necessarily have to be huge but a smaller size, from 1.7 cubic feet up to 4.5 cubic feet is more than enough. 

Although it may appear little, it can store all the important ingredients that you need to cook for your meals. You can choose from different varieties such as a one-door or two-door fridge.

Compact sink 

Another appliance that you should never forget is a compact sink, especially for your kitchen area and bathroom. You can find a lot of sinks that fit for small spaces so check them thoroughly. Measure your designated area for the sink so you can have a better estimate of the space that you can allocate. 

Compact microwave 

Having a compact microwave at home is essential, especially when it comes to heating your food. It is a good appliance that can help you preserve your meals for a longer time. Moreover, they are easy to use and can quickly get the job done. If you are living alone and you don’t have the luxury of time to cook, a microwave is a big lifesaver. 

Compact pressure cooker 

It’s important to have your pressure cooker at home. It is a small pot where you can cook rice or other dishes. This is both an economical and time-saving appliance. Moreover, eating your home-cooked meals is always something that you can look forward to when you get back from work. 

Compact coffee maker 

Coffee is a great drink that can freshen you up for the day. With a small-sized coffee maker, you can instantly have your favourite beverage brewed in the span of a few minutes. There are many designs and functions in each coffee maker so you can opt for ones that are suitable to your needs. 

You can opt for an espresso machine or a drip coffee maker. Another appliance that is similar to a coffee maker is a coffee grinder that can help you personalize your coffee beans.

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