Jack’s Maytag: How to Choose Refrigerators

Jack’s Maytag: How to Choose Refrigerators

There were a ton of ways people preserved or kept their food and drinks cool back then. Over the years, refrigerators continue to get more advanced with their specs and designs. Jack’s Maytag refrigerators are the perfect examples of quality appliances that don’t burn your wallet too much. Keeping your food and drinks cool, fresh, and preserved doesn’t always have to be sinful. 


A refrigerator, or fridge, is an essential tool that every family should have in their kitchens. Fridges come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Depending on your needs, you’ll find that there are some things you must keep in mind when choosing a fridge for your kitchen. Take note of some tips from us below:


  1. Get the right size. 

As mentioned above, fridges come in many different sizes depending on how much space you have in your kitchen. If you have a big family, opt for a fairly large fridge with lots of side compartments. In most cases, family dinners and lunches mean leftovers and bigger fridges gives you enough space to store them all. 


If you live in a flat, chances are that your kitchen is a lot smaller than what houses have. Sometimes, fridges can be detached from the kitchen area to save more space. Mini-fridges are the best for dormitories and temporary storage. Always make sure to get the right size when shopping for a new fridge–they can’t be resized once bought.

2.Always check if the fridge fits your budget. 

This goes beyond the receipt after shopping. Most fridges today are equipped with energy-efficient systems that won’t cost you a lot on your monthly bill. Fridges vary in price, depending on the type and size you want. Most basic fridges can cost you a couple hundred to a thousand dollars. 


You can get eco-friendly appliances for a little more than a thousand. Fridges are a long-term investment and it is best to spend on one that can last you a long time.  


3.Don’t miss out on door styles.

Stylish doors often mean a higher price but you might want to consider spending a little more money on them. Door styles reflect the capacity of the fridge to store your food and drinks. More often than not, the fancier the door, the better the compartments. Door styles will also help you determine which fridge suits your floor space the best. 


4.Keep an eye out for quirky features. 

Fridges today have cool and quirky features that basic models don’t have. You can enjoy a wide range of perks from getting a fridge with a few extra quirks. One example is the compartment labels. Some fridges omit this feature but you’ll be surprised on how organized your fridge items will look with the help of labels. Some fridges have water dispensers, ice cube trays, cheese compartments, and more. 


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