Tips on how to clean cooktops

Frequent cooking or even fixing a few meals a week can make your cooktops messy and dirty. Cleaning cooktops can be challenging especially when dealing with greasy and sticky remnants from the food that you’ve cooked. 

There are a lot of ways on how to clean cooktops but here are some of the best tips on how to keep your beloved cooktops squeaky clean. 

  • Use warm water – If you don’t have any extra cleaning products in your house, a good warm water is enough to clean and disinfect your cooktops.

Using regular tap water is fine, but using a warm one makes it better. Warm water is good for scraping off hard build-ups as it softens the edges, making it easier to remove. It also sterilizes the surface of your cooktops giving it a partial clean-up.

Take a good rubbing cloth and damp it using the warm water and gently rub the surface. You can also carefully pour the warm water over the dirty surface and let it sit still until the residues start to peel off. 

  • Vinegar and baking soda – This tip is an ancient kitchen secret that has been used by a lot of moms all over the world. This combination is effective against hard stains that stick firmly on the surface. The acidity of the vinegar helps remove gunks and baking sodas have antibacterial properties that keeps your cooktops free from germs.  

It’s preferable to prepare this solution in a spray bottle for easier application. Mix vinegar, baking soda, and water in a bottle and viola! You now have the perfect cleaning agent for your dirty cooktops!

  • Regular soap and water – There are a lot of innovative ways to clean your cooktops, but using regular soap and water is still advisable. You don’t have to use special solutions if your cooktops are not that dirty. Using too much cleaning products can sometimes corrode your cooktops leaving rusts in the long run. 

Use a good dish soap and rub it in the surface and edges of your cooktops. Rinse thoroughly with water and make sure to wipe it dry to avoid build up of moisture on the surface.

  • Choose a good cleaning scrub – When dealing with all sorts of residues in cooktops, it’s best to scrub them off to make sure that you remove all those unwanted grimes. Using the right scrub is just as important in choosing brands of cleaning solutions.

When buying a scrub, choose a double layered sponge, the one with both soft and hard surfaces. The hard surface acts as a scraper while the soft surface wipes the dirt after being scraped from the surface. 

Avoid using metallic scrubs as it can damage both the surface and edges of your cooktops. It can also cut your hands when used eagerly and are also prone to rusts which are not suitable in the long run.

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